Thanksgiving Outfits

Welp, here I am just starting to think about Thanksgiving while everyone else is hanging their stockings with care to the tune of Christmas carols. I thought having a whopping SEVEN days until Turkey Day was plenty of time to find a cute outfit, menu plan and prepare to host thirty of my in-laws at my house. While this might make some people break out in hives with anxiety, I’m feeling pretty ok about it all. Have I ever cooked a turkey? No. Do I even have my turkey yet? No. Am I feeling well prepared? Definitely  not.  Last minute, spontaneous, frantic –  those are more my vibe. I just assume its all gonna work out in the end, albeit slightly rushed and haphazardly.

Seeing that I still have a week, I’m gonna not address the hosting-a-big-holiday thing just yet. I’m going to focus on what’s more important: what I wear! My family and in-laws are pretty casual. There used to be a day when I wore a dress and heels but then kids came into my world and I quickly opted for more comfortable attire.

Now, we know a sweater, jeans and booties are a great option for the holiday. Classic fall look, great for outdoor pics. You can literally walk in any clothing store anywhere and find that. Easy peasy.  But I don’t usually wear sweaters for Thanksgiving because I just get hot. Cooking, being around lots of people in close quarters, chasing kids, eating, eating, and eating again. I’m getting sweaty just thinking about! I’m more for light layers.

So, I teamed up with my fave shop, Evereve,  to style some simple but chic outfits that can work for a casual Thanksgiving (or really any other day).

Outfit #1 OBSESSED with this look. So comfy but really pretty, too. You can add a few long necklaces or heels to dress it up. Would look super chic with a belt, too!

cardigan / cami / jeans / mules 

Outfit #2 Stripes and jeans are my jam. They’re just so classic and chic. This could look great with a furry vest to add some glam or a puffy plaid vest for a more outdoorsy look.

turtleneckturtleneck / jeans / booties / sunglasses

Outfit #3 Stretchy utility pants are as comfortable as leggings without the leggings look. And a twofer sweater gives you that cool layered look without the bulk.

 twofer sweater / pants / booties

Outfit #4 I forgot to get a pic of this top but it has ruffles!! So you look super cool in a moto jacket then you whip it off and, voila, you are all femme.


similar jacket  / top / jeans / booties / sunglasses

Outfit #5 I love mixing patterns like stripes and plaids. This outfit would look amaze with a denim jacket if you’re going to spend time outdoors or a navy puffy jacket.

This look not by Evereve – top / blanket scarf / jeans  / bootsHope you have a happy  Thanksgiving!!

xx Meagan

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