Trend Talk: Denim

I go thru phases of loving and hating jeans. That year after having each of my children? Didn’t love jeans so much. Was more into pants of the elastic-waist variety…also known as jeggings.  But jeggings are not so much a thing anymore. Skinny jeans? Yes. But an actual jegging? No. And that’s sad because those things are comfy!

Nevertheless, I’m loving denim these days. So I’m super excited about trying new styles and looks. Specifically, black denim and cropped bootcut. These are two styles I’m wearing on repeat right now. So let me break each one down for you and then you can check out my top picks.

For black denim, I recommend going with a faded and distressed pair. First of all, the faded black color hides stains and animal hair better. And I’m lazy and gross and don’t wash my jeans every time I wear them. But they also look cooler being all beat up and distressed. You don’t have to go full on knee-holes if that’s not you’re thing. You can just dip your toe into the distressed world with the hems cut off the bottom of the pant legs.

Now, cropped boot cut might be a little crazy for some of you. But you know what, if you want something different, not just a standard skinny jean, this is it. Its so figure flattering! That little flare at the bottom of the leg balances out curvy and rectangle figure shapes. And the crop looks equally stylish with a sneaker, a mule, or an ankle bootie. The shoe you pair it with makes it look like a totally different jean.

I paired up with my girl, Lauren, from FarmSkinny (you have to check out her blog for boho-inspired goodness) and Evereve to show you these two great styles. Scroll thru for info on our outfits and other favorite denim for the season:

7 for all Mankind skinny jeans (as seen on Lauren)

X Something Navy raw edge skinny

Articles of Society raw edge skinny 

Madewell raw gem skinny in black  

Madewell cropped boot

Madwell raw hem cropped boot

Level 99 high rose boot crop  (as seen on me)

Topshop cropped flare

xo, Meagan

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