Layer up with furry fuzzy vests

Hellooooooo friends! Well, I am feeling a bit redundant with this vest topic (see previous post), but, well, ’tis the season. We’re not totally into coat season, but sometimes just a shirt doesn’t cut it. And I have this thing with the whole third layer rule. Are you familiar? 

You know, we all wear a shirt and bottoms when we leave house. Otherwise businesses wouldn’t let us through their doors, strangers would give us weird looks, the man’s trying to keep us down, etc., etc. Most of the time when I leave the house in just a top and bottom, I feel suuuuuper blah. And so enters my love for vests. It just adds an element of style to what could otherwise be a ho-hum outfit. This third layer could also be a necklace, a scarf, a jacket… You get it, right? Another layer = added outfit interest. 

Anywho, the reason we’re talking about this is becasue a friend recently asked me for some recommendations of fur vests. We can go ahead and call these “vegan” since their all faux fur or some fuzzy variety. So, here ya go! 

  Vest. Shirt. Vintage Levi’s. Boots here for similar. 

   Madewell vest 

 Topshop vest

  Laundry by Design vest

  NY Collection vest

  Target vest

xo, Meagan

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