Happy Feet


After watching the VMA’s last night, (I don’t feel good about admitting that I tune into MTV, but I feel like we’re in the trust tree here, so I’m gonna keep it real with you guys)  Macklemore’s performance of ‘Downtown’ had me all sorts of happy. The beat, the message, the dancing and the shoes. The shoes! So many people were sporting classic Adidas sneaks and it really spoke to me. And you know what it said?  It said, ‘you need new sneakers’. So who I am to argue with that kind of message? I know, I know, you guys are probably impressed with how deep I can be and hey, it’s a gift.

So anywho, I’m a pretty casual lady due to the whole stay-at-home mom thing I got going on. I think a mom toting her baby around on her hip in a pair of heels is completely enviable and totally not my reality. Like, ever. If you see me in heels, you can bet my children are nowhere to be seen. With that said, I’m pretty happy these days that sneakers are a totally acceptable and stylish footwear option for almost anywhere. Except church. That is where I draw the line. God, you’re welcome. Got nothing but respect for you (insert fist bump icon)

I literally no idea where I’m going with this anymore, so let’s just end this blabbering and check out some must-have sneakers!

Crackled leather Vans from Madewell

  Lace up sneakers by Puma from Madewell.  

Slip-in sneakers by Steve Madden from Nordstrom.

Lace up sneakers by New Balance from J. Crew

Lace up ‘696’ sneaker by New Balance from Nordstrom


‘Samba’ Adidas sneakers from Zappos.  

xoxo, Meagan

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