Fall Denim

I had a few friends recently ask me about denim styles for fall and it inspired me to do a little fashion shoot with my gal pal Lauryn Byrdy. I’m personally excited to get some new jeans because there’s a lot happening with denim trends right now! The three cuts you’ll be seeing everywhere are the flare, the boyfriend, and the skinny as pictures from left to right below. 

Sidenote: Now the flare is the hot new style but you may even see its toned down sister, the boot cut, making appearances at certain stories. Do you guys remember bootcut?! My gosh, that makes me think of high school wearing my Abercrombie & Fitch ones and literally thinking to myself, ‘these will never go out of style’. Well, clearly they did. And they’re not officially back yet,  but they will be. 

So anyway, here’s my thoughts and tips on our top three denim styles for fall.

The Flare  

(The Majorlle jeans by McGuire Denim available at Ladybird or here.)

The 70s is like thee trend for fall and this jean is a direct result of that. I have heard some grumbling about the return of the flare and I’m here to put a stop to that. This is suuuuuuch a flattering cut when worn right. And by that I mean with heels. This is not the jeans to throw on with some Birks and a boyfriend tee. Then you will look like a billowing blob of fabric. No, when your pair this back to a heel you will magically become that “legs for days” girl. And you can go all 70s when you pair it back to fringe and a floppy hat. Just keep an eye on that fine line of costumey and cute. 

The Boyfriend  

(Natalie necklace by Stella & Dot. T-shirt by J. Crew. Vintage Levi’s by Green Star available at Ladybird.)

This cut had been around for a few seasons now, but what makes it new is the serious distressing. Like, maybe you got in a fight with a chainsaw and scissors type of distressing. And I dig it!! These particular ones I love are vintage Levi’s, so I get a fitted waist and booty paired with a slouchy leg and its heaven. Heaven, I tell ya!! I believe that specific cut can be referred to as a “girlfriend” jean, but thats up for a debate I don’t wants to have. After having two kids, this lady is not crazy about low waisted anything. But a true boyfriend jean does come that way for those who want it. And the fun of this distressed style is you can dress it up with heels and tailored pieces or keep it casual with sneaks and tees. 

The Skinny 

(Shirt by Velvet by Graham & Spener available at Thread or here. High Riser Skinny by Madewell. Boots by Rag & Bone.)

Have you guys heard about this new cut called the skinny jean?!?!? Ok, we’ve all been wearing these for years. I really don’t have much to say here….wait, yes I do!! Yes, if you want to change your skinny game try a high waisted pair this fall. Crop tops or shorter cut tops are still a thing, so these can put us stomach-conscious ladies at ease knowing anything we don’t want to show is hidden below our high waist line. Score!! 

So go forth and shop and let me know what style you liked best!

xo, Meagan

One thought on “Fall Denim

  1. Love this post!! The flares are my favorite…they make short girls like me look tall and skinny! So glad they’re back in style!!!

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