Happy Feet

   After watching the VMA’s last night, (I don’t feel good about admitting that I tune into MTV, but I feel like we’re in the trust tree here, so I’m gonna keep it real with you guys)  Macklemore’s performance of ‘Downtown’ had me all sorts of happy. The beat, the message, the dancing and the … More Happy Feet

Fall Denim

I had a few friends recently ask me about denim styles for fall and it inspired me to do a little fashion shoot with my gal pal Lauryn Byrdy. I’m personally excited to get some new jeans because there’s a lot happening with denim trends right now! The three cuts you’ll be seeing everywhere are … More Fall Denim

Miami trip inspo

A friend came to me recently to help her shop for an up-coming girls getaway to Miami. Now, at this point in August my mind has completely shut off summer fashion and is yearning for fall favorites. Boots, jackets, layers…LAYERS!  That word just makes me sweat thinking about it. But in my mind, the leaves … More Miami trip inspo


Hello, friends!! First of all, if you are not familiar with #MCM, it stands for Man Crush Monday. And we’ll get to that juicy tidbit (with pictures!!) in a moment.  I have been on a couple vacations recently which means I have totally neglected my blog….but I also kind of blog freaked out. After just … More #MCM