Calling all camo lovers!

T-shirt by J. Crew. Pants by Sam&Lavi available at Nordstrom Rack. Shorts by Crazy 8

Does anyone else consider camo prints to be as classic as stripes? Not like from an old man’s hunting jacket from Cabela’s. But from, say, a cute pair of little boy’s shorts or a cool J. Crew jacket? Well, we love camo on this family. And by we, I mean I. And I consider it a neutral so much so that mixing it with other prints is a given. Stripes-and-camo is like black-and-white in my eyes. 

With fall right around the corner you can bet I’ll have my eye out for some cute new pieces for us. Camo cargo pants, joggers and a worn-in sweatshirt for the boys? Absolutely! Come to think of it, I buy these for both my boys every year. There just aren’t as many fun prints for little dudes, so I have to take what I can get. Mothers of only boys, you feel me right? 

Anyway, for me, I’ll be snatching up some camo print pieces like a worn-in tee, this slouchy sweater (this screams pumpkin picking!!), a weekend-casual utility pant, and some post-workout pants

What do you guys think? Does your camo love run deep like mine?  

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