Workout Wednesday – yogana love it!

(Dharma Yoga Nantucket studio. So pretty, right?)

Remember that time I was doing yoga upside down in a swing? No? It was last week, remember? Ok fine, you weren’t there, I guess it makes sense that you have no idea what I’m talking about. I’m talking ’bout AERIALYOGA, people!! 

So now that I’m a self-respecting adult (thanks motherhood for that one!), vacations are much more about the relaxation part than the party part. I don’t like coming back from a vacation feeling like I need another vacation to recover, ya know? So part of the fun of going somewhere new is discovering new types of exercises or places a little different than my norm. Enter aerial yoga. This stuff is the jam!! 

In my recent trip to Nantucket,  I trekked across the island to a remote little studio that’s part of Dharma Yoga Nantucket. I’m not an over-achiever so I went for a beginners aerial yoga class. It had a nice slow rhythm so that we could incorporate both strength and stretching. I loved getting out of my comfort zone, swinging around in cirque de soleil-esque fabrics, and letting my spine decompress in the upside-down poses. This was better than any massage and I left feeling strong, relaxed… and shall we say almost zen? That’s a reach. I’m not really a zen-namaste-inner-light kind of gal. But you get point. And to top off the experience, the class took place in an light-filled open-air type barn. I could hear water flowing and birds chirping. And it wasn’t from a sound machine. It was actual real nature just happening. Loved it. 

My final vedict: two thumbs up-dog. You hatha gotta try it…did you see what I did there? Puns for days baby!! 

(Interior of studio and the swings)

  (Slightly mortified to share this picture so let’s just move on)  
  (More charming-ness) 

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