Romping around Nantucket

Ok guys, first off all, I’m in Nantucket.  NANTUCKET!! This place is such a gem of an island, but more to come on that later this week. 

Let’s focus our convo today on the most perfect romper of the season. The LWR (the little white romper). I’m pretty sure nobody uses that acronym so don’t go around using it or anything. Well just keep it between us and pretend we’re super in the know about these things. 

I have seen the LWR in sooooo many styles. Lacey and boho, frilly and feminine, minimal and hip. There’s a style for anyone. I found this one from Ladybird and couldn’t buy it fast enough. I love the looseness of the fit, the monochromatic detailing, the sweet scalloped detail along the hem. And you guys, do you know how many fun ways you can style your romper outfit and change the whole vibe? A LOT! That’s how many. Labor Day is still a ways off, summer deals are in full effect at most stores, so hold off on that fall shopping and treat yourself to a LWR. And a trip to Nantucket. Both are totally worth it. 

Romper by Just Female available at Ladybird. Jacket by J. Crew. Earrings available at Thread. Necklace available at Francesca’s. Shoes by Rag & Bone available at Thread. Sunglasses by Orvis (click here for similar). Flowers by Mother Nature at The Wauwinet Inn

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