Summer daze

Hey guys, can we just talk about the fact that it didn’t rain today…ok wait, talking about weather makes me feel very old)…nevermind,  scratch that. What? The weather? Oh I didn’t notice anything.  I don’t casually bring that up in regualar conversation. But if that’s your thing, no judgements. Anywho, it is hot and sunny (there I go again!) and I freaking whipped out my romper like its Coachella 2010. And I felt good about it too. I love no-brainer dressing and it doesn’t get any more brainless than this one piece gem. It’s kind of the hip sister of the dress, right?  And if you say no, then you love watching the weather channel and talking about how your achey joints tell you when a storm’s a brewin’. No, no, no wait. I’m sorry. I totally overreacted. Let’s just both take a breather and talk about this when we’ve had some time to cool off. I’ll be the one chillin’ in a breezy romper, chowing down Popsicles like it’s my job. 

Romper by Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent sold out (click here for similar). Sunglasses by Ray Ban. Purse by Old Navy. Shoes by Steve Madden

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