Red, white and blue

Have you met the midi skirt yet? Because I have and I love it. And I specifically love this J. Crew striped midi skirt. Being a mom of two little boys, I am constantly bending over to pick them, pick their toys up, pick up goldfish crumbs, you get the gist. And so I’m not one to often wear a dress or skirt because I don’t need to be showing the world my hoo-hah every time I crouch down. Well, enter this very practical number and now I can bend over with ease while keeping my modesty in tact.

Another reason I love this skirt is for what happened the first time I wore it. I stopped at the grocery store after church one day and shortly into my shopping trip I notice an elderly man eying me up and down. Creepy? Meh, a little. Well he circled right around the apples and back to the avocados to stop me. “Young lady, this might not be appropriate to say, but you look stunning in that outfit,” he says to me. I thank him and tell him I wore my Sunday best for church to which he responds, “Sure you did. (*winks) I don’t believe that at all.” Uhhhh, I still have no idea what that meant. Did he think I was just coming off  my shift at a strip club? I’ll never know, but a compliment is a compliment and I’ll take it!

My point in all this is the midi is a such a wonderful trend and comes in SO many styles to flatter every figure. So, lets all band together, keep buying them and make the trend last forever and ever. Thanks!

Doggy provided by Colleen Kirk (face of an angel, bark of a yappy devil). Skirt by J. Crew sold out (click here or here for similar) Shirt and shoes by Gap. Sunglasses by Orvis sold out (click here for similar). Necklace by Francesca’s (available in store; click here for similar). Bracelet by David Yurman. Watch vintage.

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