Calling all shoppers

Oh happy day! Tomorrow is the grand opening of  not one, but TWO of my favorite stores  – H&M and Madewell! And coincidentally enough, both shops are opening at Easton mall, so how’s that for luck?

H&M is  pairing up with Marie Claire magazine and offering a nice 25% off discount on purchases made from 7-10pm. So excited to see all the new merch!!

Then Madewell has teamed up with Lucky for a special shopping event from 6-8pm. They’ve  even brought in their editors who will be on hand to help customers shop and offer their expert opinion on things stylish. Think DJ spinning, tasty treats to nosh on, a discount on purchases and a swag bag to boot! You can RSVP by clicking here.

So, if you had plans, cancel them because tomorrow night is a night to shop. H&M may be invite-only, but Madewell is open to all!


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