Behind the seams: Homage

The Short North will soon welcome yet another independent boutique to its roster with Homage, a vintage-inspired t-shirt company.  It’s pretty safe to assume that anyone living in Columbus is familiar with them, since an ever-growing percentage of Buckeye fans can be seen wearing their super soft tees on game days. But in case you aren’t familiar, do yourself a favor, go to their website, or better yet, stop in their new store at 17 E. Brickel St. when it opens Friday, September 3rd and get thee a handful of deliciously comfy tees.

While Homage is made up of an insanely creative team of people, the founder and true creative visionary behind the brand is Ryan Vesler, a natural-born hustler, a sucker for nostalgia, and complete workaholic. During  a moment of downtime between meetings,  trade shows, thrift store shopping and preparing for his grand opening , I was able to catch up with him for a little Q&A.

What are you wearing?

Short shorts

What are 5 things you’re obsessed with right now?

Taking people back to the good ol’ days



Vintage tees

The Ohio State University

What’s on your wish list?

To take our show on the road. We want Homage to arrive on campuses all over the country… And to take a vacation.

Do follow fashion trends? Do they affect your product?

I don’t pay attention to fashion. We create a product out of feeling, not trends.

Where are your favorite places to shop?

Thrift stores, flea markets, candy stores.

What’s the feel of your new store?

Old school, classic, fun.

Will you carry other brands?

A few things here and there, but mainly Homage.

Why open a store now in this economy?

We have a unique story to tell – A retail store is the perfect place to do it.

There’s a lot of talk about American Apparel (their t-shirt manufacturer) going bankrupt. What does that mean to you?

They will pull through.

Is Dov Charney the perf the media (and his advertising) makes him out to be?

Dov Charney is a maniac (in the best possible way). Keep in mind that maniacs are the ones who change the world.

Tell us a secret you haven’t told anyone else

The rah rag is going to change the world.

What the theme song of your life be?

Brother Johnson – Get The Funk Out Of Ma’ Face

‘You don’t like my music

You don’t have to use it

Funkin’ is a thing that all of us release

You don’t have to get it

All you do it let it

Then you’ll know exactly how to groove’

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