Fleas & Pics

It’s funny because several months ago I was talking with the manager of Leal boutique about how we wished Columbus had a cool flea market like what you’d find in NY, and seriously, the next day I heard about the Columbus Summer Flea – an up-coming open-air market for local vendors and artists to hawk their wares. It’s like we spoke and the fashion gods listened!

So,  yesterday I set out for the Summer Flea not just for fun, but with a mission – buy as many Homage tees as I can find for my fiance. Once I accomplished my goal (I snatched up 10 new tees!) I spent the afternoon wandering around  the rest of the market and was totally impressed. Great vendors, creative displays, awesome prices. There were hipsters, artists, yuppies, kids, pets, old crazy folks – a totally eclectic crowd showed up to shop.  Congrats to Flea organizers Nikki Portman, Erica Anderson and Tony Collinger!

Here’s just a few pics that captured their flea-market fun.

The lovely Allison of Ladybird below with a vintage sequin jacket I probably need to buy

Honey Rose & K accessories designer, Meredith Piccin (left) and her  team

Covetable hand-painted fabric brooch by Appolonia Dominic

SKBG Photography I bought the framed pic up top!

Scarlett, a truly unique little artist offering “free art”  – and also a Tarot reader in training!

I think they moved the entire inventory over from Milkbar – so much to choose from!

Crazy adorable stuffed creatures by 5 Orange Potatoes

Handmade children’s clothes, accessories and more by Four Munkees

My sweet little niece, Tori, modeling Four Munkees accessories. They asked if she could stay and model all day!

And a slight overstatement from these guys below

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