Artist collaboration

I had a great shoot the other week with one of my fave’ photographer’s, Amanda Julca, a Columbus native based in Miami.  We teamed up to shoot Gretchen King, the lead vocalist of the Phantods. Its always such a treat to work with such talented, genuine artists like these two. More images to come soon!

UPDATE! More pics from the shoot – I think I’m in love.

This dress from Captain Betty’s in Delaware is what I called “circus fabulous”. Or even better, cramazing. It takes serious style to pull it off, and Gretchen does it beautifully.  (Capt Betty’s is amazing for vintage finds. You get a little slip to wear and then you’re set free in the shop to try on anything and everything. Definitely worth a visit.)

There’s something about this summery, vintage look I love. I totally see her at a summer festival in this one!

This shot, we went for a more vintage retro look with a super sweet romper and some killer Prada pumps.

Photography by Amada Julca

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