“It’s getting hot in here…”

Yes, it’s definitely getting hot in here, but as Nelly once suggested, you probably shouldn’t take off all your clothes. I mean you might get arrested. Unless, say, you’re at a nude beach, which sounds kind of skeevy to me anyway. But hey, who am I to judge?

If you are a law-abiding citizen like myself though, you are probably kind of dying in this crazy hot July weather. Like, sweat brimming on your forehead or maybe even trickling down your back at 9 in the morning. And that just ain’t cool… no pun intended. Seriously. That was a totally accidental pun. I almost went back to delete it, but just reading the word ‘cool’, kinda cools me down a little.

Ok, I really am going somewhere with this post:  Summer dressing!! In dresses! It’s the only answer these next 2 months – ok, rompers are amazing for summer too, but let’s just focus on the dress right now.   Here are some great choices on the cheap (so many sales going on right now!) to get you thru the rest of summer.

* Chic: With just the right amount of safari influence, this shirt dress can be styled so many ways. Dressed up, dressed down, made feminine with girly pumps, masculine with cool boots, or just hip with an extreme wedge. Plus, its 20% off for the next 3 days

J. Crew silk cargo dress

* Preppy: Ahoy, sailor! I’m a total sucker for stripes. But what I love here is that while its super nautical (my fave’), the body-con fit and racerback give it a nice touch of sexiness, too.

Topshop jersey maxi dress

* Girly: Even though this dress has the  puffed sleeve and sweet little floral prints, it doesn’t just have to be for the girliest of girls.  While a skinny belt and modest little vintage pumps will definitely play up the feminine side of it,  a broken-in braided leather belt and oxfords can add a hip, young spin to it .

Pins & Needles puff sleeve dress at Urban Outfitters

* Hipster: Meow! I love me some sexy animal prints, especially when they’re toughened up with chunky, aggressive accessories.  Up to 70% off and free shipping at shopbop.com.

Torn by Ronny Kobo at shopbop.com

* Boho: Summer is THE time of year to go crazy bright. So why not go retina-burning bright with this bold, bright, paisley, patchwork number?

Free People patchwork dress

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