Studio Grand Opening: Check!

First off, big thank you to everyone who came to our studio Grand Opening last night! What a wonderful turn out of clients, friends and family. The support was truly amazing.

After such a great evening last night, I was all excited to post my pics from the party for you to feast your eyes upon… until I saw they didn’t quite capture the evening the way I imagined. See, I’m cursed with cameras. I get a new one every other year (at least) and break it. God knows how, but I do. I mean, they break just being in my general vicinity. (Lauryn Byrdy, never, EVER let me handle your sacred camera equipment!) And so I have to resort to my BB camera often, which isn’t exactly known for high quality.

With that in mind, please don’t judge my pictures. Just enjoy some of the beautiful details of the studio. And the food. Oh, the FOOD! Catering was provided by the amazing Kathleen of Katalina’s Cafe Corner,  located just down the block at the corner of 3rd St. & Pennsylvania in Victorian Village. Please, go support this locally owned cafe and fill your bellies with their tasty fare. Oh, and bring us a Prosciutto Mozzarella sandwich while you’re at, k thanks.

And because my pictures don’t do the space justice, enjoy some great pics from Lauryn that really capture the details that make our studio special.

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