CFDA Fashion Awards

The CFDA fashion awards took place last night to honor some of fashion’s most forward thinking minds. And not too surprisingly, Marc Jacobs took home the big prize of the night, Womenswear designer of the year. I mean, the man reinvents his brand every season. It takes serious creative genius to not just do that, but to do it as well as he does.

Anyway, my favorite part of the evening (not that I’ve been), is  seeing the fashion that does down the red carpet. This is one of those nights where attendees really get to go full on fashion. They can be as outrageously weird as they want and its OK! The evening is meant to celebrate exactly that. So, what was I surprised to see as I clicked thru The Cut’s recap of the night? A totally random picture of Bernadette Peters in a basic LBD by Donna Karan and pointy toe pumps… I mean, really? That’s what she chose to wear? Was Donna Karan pissed at her and this was how she got even? By dressing her in that snooze of an outfit?  I think I fell asleep just looking at it, it was soasdlkhf asdfassssssssssssssssss

WHOA! I just fell asleep again that dress is so boring. But hilariously boring! Come on, the LBD is a good staple to have for, like, and graduation party. Or a holiday office party… but the CFDA’s? Really?

But this is all sounding negative, and thats really not me. So, let’s celebrate the Hits rather than knock the Misses.  And the number one Hit was most definitely the legendary Iris Apfel in Balenciaga. A-ma-zing!

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