This one’s for the cat lovers

Mr. Tabsley and I having a Kodak moment

If you have a cat or even just a pet you love, you can totally feel me on this post today. My dear, sweet kitty, Mr. Tabsley,  went missing early this week and needless to say, I’ve been frantic. He’s mainly an indoor kitty, so going to bed each night was heart breaking knowing he was out there all alone, maybe hungry, maybe thirsty or worse yet, maybe hurt. And then I got the call yesterday that he had been found just three houses down from mine. The man said ‘he couldn’t move, looked like something was wrong’. My heart dropped.

My boyfriend was nearby and ran over to our neighbor’s to find him badly hurt, crying loudly. But when he knelt down to comfort him, Mr. Tabs stopped crying and just stared into his eyes. He knew his daddy was there to rescue him.

He’s resting at the vet today with many a broken bones, fractures, bruises and scrapes to heal. And so now, we wait. We hold our breath and hope those young bones can repair themselves…

And so in honor of my sweet Mr. Tabs, here are spring’s most trendy eye accessory – Cat eye sunglasses.  If you have a triangular shape face (small forehead, wider chin and cheeks) this is a great style for you in particular. Or if you love that retro 50s glamour. Or if, like me, you just love cats.

Top row: S/S 10 Alexander Wang, Giles, Prada from Clockwise from top left sunglasses: Brigitte Urban Outfitters $10; Fossil $55; Retrosun on $270, Oliver Peoples on $229.

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