Where my cougs’ at?


Milly Spring 2010


The other day, a girlfriend and I were discussing the whole Lolita trend that is happening this Spring. Style.com had posted an ultra pretty slide show of coquettish looks sent down many of fashion’s top runways. Think thigh-grazing minis, flirty ruffles, sweet prints and Lady Gaga-esque hairbows.

And it got me thinking:  If blushing youthfulness is 2010, then are cougars so 2009?

Take a look-see, dear readers, at these ultra girly Spring looks and let me know: Is this cheeky youthfulness a welcomed breath of fresh air? Or will cougars continue to prowl the clubs and bars unaffected by Spring’s child play?


One thought on “Where my cougs’ at?

  1. I think fashion’s little darlings will catch all the attention this season!! Love the mini’s, socks, and BOWS!! this trend embodies what my signature look is all about- fun & flirty! When this trend comes and goes, I will always call on my inner Lolita!

    Thank you for noticing! And watch out for my BOW- it will be in full affect this weekend!!

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