I think it might be clogged…

I’m gonna put something out there and you may or may not like it:


Yeah. I said it. And you probably don’t feel too good about where this is going.

Typically this word conjures up images of  friendly Dutch folk dancing around gaily in traditional garb. Or worse yet, the super awesome 90s look of sensible mid-rise bootcut jeans and belly-baring tops. Well, all that’s about to change.

Chanel sent clogs down the Spring ’10 runway and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them since. At first, I was all, no no no no no, this is a mistake. A joke, right? The fashion world is mocking us! But sure enough, I was at Nine West in Soho a month ago and I found myself trying on a pair. And a moment later, the super talented jewelry designer,Pamela Love, walks in, snatches up a pair and wears them out the door. And then it clicked. I don’t hate them! In fact, they look kinda awesome in a rocker-chic kinda way. Is this wrong or so right? Are Crocs to blame or thank? I have such mixed emotions.

Take a look-see at some current clogs. They kinda rock in that they are comfy and give you major height with their platform.  Think about it. Let me know how you feel. I’m here to listen.

One thought on “I think it might be clogged…

  1. OK, I admit I share the same feelings. These are not your Dr. Scholls clogs… I am totally feeling the Chanel and Gucci clogs above. The heels/platform are awesome and can totally transform your legs! My favorite are the Chanel. I love love love the classic take on the shoe with leather uppers, studs, and wooden sole. I would happily put on any traditional garb and frolic around if these clogs were part of the ensemble!

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