Color Me Happy

Newsflash: Long, grown out roots are officially stylish (Oh, joy!)  thanks to boho trendsetters like Nicole Richie, Erin Wasson (recent face of J. Crew) and Alexa Chung of MTV.

There’s a catch (isn’t there always?!). This I-dont-have-time-to-get-my-roots-done style isn’t  out of laziness. Women actually pay to get this grown-out-roots look just right. Sigh, is there any natural beauty left in the world? Can’t a girl just grow out her roots and look automatically awesome? I guess not.

Either way, you still save $$$ with this technique of painting the tips as opposed to regular root touch ups with foils… Which is why this bit of news is kind of buzzkill seeing that I just got my hair did at The Max yesterday.

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