Hello, internet!

Wow, my first inaugural blog! Where do I begin… Well, you know what, I’ve had something on my mind the last few days I need to talk about.

I got to thinking about outdoor boots after spending an afternoon trekking around Dale’s Tree Farm this weekend, searching for the perfect Christmas tree. Right now there are so many stylish outdoorsy boots on the market that I kind of want to buy them all!

Now, a lot of us slip on our basic ol’ Uggs for an afternoon outdoors. But I don’t know, it feels really boring when there’s so many cute options these days. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not say Uggs aren’t craaaazy comfy, but wearing the classic Ugg out is so typical.  And who wants to be typical when you can have a cool boot that blends the comfort and warmth of Uggs with sophistication and style? One that can be dressed up or down? Check out a few of winter’s warmest!

The beauty of these boots is that they can be outfitted in so many ways, too.

*Get alpine-inspired with a Fair Isle print sweater paired with skinny black jeans or tweed shorts and knit tights.

* Try a boho look with a big boyfriend cardigan, plaid tunic and thick ribbed knit tights.

* Go for the unexpected, a la J. Crew, and pair with a work wear outfit (silk shell, short wool skirt), knee high knit socks and a rugged military jacket.

Stay warm, stay happy!


The Fashion Darling

2 thoughts on “Hello, internet!

  1. Well you sure know good taste when you see it 🙂 I have J. Crew slippers a friend gifted me that are like the Cordova Shearling and they are like walking on pillows. You would look so cute sporting those with your denim SHORT shorts around MIA. They’re sold out now, but I saw some ebay earlier.

  2. Dearest Fashion Darling-
    How did I miss your two previous postings? I am so happy to see your blog on outdoor boots. I LOVE these boots! I have been wanting a pair so badly. I feel in love with a pair by Tory Burch, yes Tory Burch. They are divine! I live in Miami so I don’t have much need for these, but I would be happy wearing around the house 🙂 I am seriously considering the J.Crew option, super cute with a great price tag!!
    Fashion Darling, you have great taste in shoes….any chance you wear a size 6?

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