Trend Talk: Denim

I go thru phases of loving and hating jeans. That year after having each of my children? Didn’t love jeans so much. Was more into pants of the elastic-waist variety…also known as jeggings.  But jeggings are not so much a thing anymore. Skinny jeans? Yes. But an actual jegging? No. And that’s sad because those things are … More Trend Talk: Denim

Trend Talk: Fall florals

First things first, allow me to introduce my good blogger friend, Lauren from Farm Skinny   She’s a super sweet, super stylish stay-at-home-mom and blogger. When we first met thru volunteer work, we instantly clicked! Though our styles are quite different, we both adore each other’s fashion sense. So we’ve teamed up with our favorite women’s shop, … More Trend Talk: Fall florals

I’m back…again!

Hello, ladies! And I’m going to go ahead and assume its mainly ladies reading my blog because this is about mom stuff, women’s style, beauty and wellness…not much for the dudes here. But I digress. I’m back! After only a short little two-year break…and yes, that’s little in the grand scheme of, like, earth and … More I’m back…again!


Hello, my friends! ‘Tis the season of holiday parties and what better staple to have on hand then the LBD (little black dress)? I have already heard so many ladies say they have no idea what they’re going to wear to this party or that event. So I have put together some LBD suggestions. But these … More The LBD

Poncho Power

 Poncho by Double Zero from Shop Vernacular Hi friends! How cold are you today? I just keep mumbling Brrrrrrr under breath all day. It’s like down in my bones cold. And since I can’t walk around in my big fuzzy blanket all day, the next best thing is a cozy poncho!! Yay for trends that are practical. … More Poncho Power